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We are excited to partner with you for tax year 2023! At Protection Plus, we understand that tax notices and audits can be a source of stress and frustration for both you and your clients. That's why we've made it our mission to help alleviate that burden. Give your clients peace of mind with our Firm-Level program. For only $10 per 1040 return and $75 per business return (billed to your firm), you can provide an additional layer of protection to all of your tax clients. Our program is fully integrated with TaxWare, which makes it easier than ever to start enjoying the benefits of having an entire tax audit defense department on your side. Complete and submit the form below to start providing Protection Plus today!

If you have any questions, need assistance registering, or wish to opt-out of business return support feel free to give us a call at 866-942-8348.

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You will not be charged at the time this registration is submitted. This card will be charged periodically as you file tax returns.

Auto Renew

Never miss a year of Protection Plus. Continue your selected Protection Plus plan until you cancel.

Provide Protection Plus to your clients for current tax year only. To renew, you will need to manually enroll again next year.

By selecting the firm-level auto renew option:

  • I understand that Protection Plus will be included for every eligible 1040 return and every eligible business return filed in tax year 2023 and in future tax years until I notify Protection Plus that I would like to cancel.
  • I authorize Tax Protection Plus LLC to charge the account I have on file $10 for each eligible 1040 return and $75 for each eligible business return.
User Agreement

By submitting this registration and providing my eSignature, I acknowledge that:

I authorize Protection Plus to charge my account $10.00 for every eligible 1040 return filed and $75.00 for every eligible business return filed; I agree to provide Protection Plus services to all of my eligible tax return clients; I have read, understood and agree to the Protection Plus User Agreement; I have read, understood and verified the accuracy of the information I have provided; and I agree that this electronic signature has the same full legal force and effect as a handwritten signature or mark.

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Protection Plus is available wherever you file taxes.

Ask your tax professional about our services or look for them inside of your favorite online tax software.

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This program is intended to cover 1 Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) per enrolled business. A separate enrollment is required for each EFIN.

This program is not available to:

  • Businesses earning more than $5 million per year
  • Businesses who have filed an insurance claim for a data breach or have knowledge of a breach of their data in the past 5 years
  • Businesses who are not using security software such as anti-virus and anti-malware software

Please click below to confirm these do not apply to your business. (misrepresentations will result in a denial of protection and services)

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